Entertainment Review: Lips…Good Show, Bad Ending

Lips Restaurant (3011 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30329)

So I had arranged a girl’s getaway weekend where I had two of my best friends from out of state fly in for the weekend. This was one of the locations on our to-do list that we were excited about the most.

We had heard about it in advance from watching Housewives of Atlanta and so I made the reservations.

There was like a $10-20 charge for each of us as an entrance fee which we were cool with. There was also “complimentary” valet parking which made us feel like we were dealing with some real professionals.

The venue was packed and everyone seemed excited including us. Several of the ladies from Lips were walking around and we shot a few pics before we were seated.

Lips do not allow separate checks which I was told over the phone when I called in my reservations.



During the event, they put on a show where several ladies come out lip syncing and moving throughout the crowd (and are tipped…we spent about $30 in tips total). Their food was good and so were the drinks.



At the end, our total combined came up to like $115. We weren’t expecting it to be that high as we had the norm..wings..fries..but hey, we were happy. So we left the total alone with like a $10 tip.

Our hostess came over to pick up the book and literally looked inside …counted the tip then proceeded to ask..”did you all enjoy the show?”..we replied that we did. Then she says how she finds it hard to believe when we left less than 15% tip and how others normally leave a 20% tip. We were disgusted and left. Then we get the car from valet..with little change left..the parking attendant would not let the driver close her door until we all gave him a tip as he stated “you know we only get paid from tips”

  • Complimentary Parking with almost required Tip expected
  • High Priced Casual Food
  • Good for ladies entertainment and friends from out of state
  • Beautiful Entertainers

Neverrrrr again will I go there nor would I recommend anyone else unless you have REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA money


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