Dating Someone with Different Food Lifestyles

Listen! I might be placing my foot into my mouth right now but at 213 pounds, I don’t even care. I was doing so good while on my healthy eating streak (smoothies, exercising at the gym and drinking plenty of water) but the minute I started dating someone who’s eating habits did not align with mine, the pounds quickly began to add up. I understand that no one forced me to eat but when we went out to eat almost once a week, I lost sight and sight of the “no meat” diet. “Buffalo and Lemon Pepper wings” became my favorite and the weather outdoors became “too cold for me to work out.” 


Those were my excuses so let me be and stop judging!

I knew people had certain things that could either make or break a relationship for them so I decided recently to post this question on my Facebook & AskFM accounts:

“Would you date someone who’s dieting habits differed from yours? Ex. a Vegan and they love consuming meats.

The responses I received were mixed:

“Why would it matter. It’s their food going into their body. And if a small thing like that is enough to make you breakup with someone you like maybe you should stay alone.” – R.G.

“My wife is  little different and I still love it.” – X

“If they’re vegan, they will let me know after I order a burger so the ball is in their court really. Love me, love my medium rare bloody meat steak.” – E.

“If they are willing to deal with what I eat, I can work with them with what they eat.”  J.K.

I couldn’t be mad at anyone because when you begin to get to know someone, you start finding out the littlest quirks and pettiest stuff about them. This is why the dating process is so important – can you stand the rain? Can you see yourself staying with them through their thick and thin? If you can’t guess what? You’re free to leave with no ill feelings. You’re not married to them and therefore, you are welcomed like Chris Hansen says, “You’re free to go.”

The only issue that I have when it comes to differences with dieting is having to take accountability with falling off of the bandwagon. I feel as though it is easier to stick to a diet if both parties actively and willingly enjoy the same type of plan. The last thing I want to feel is as if I am pressuring someone to eat healthy or awkward because they’re carnivores and all I order are salads (this is true). 

The small differences could mean more to you than you might know when it comes to healthy living. For this reason, I tend to stick to dating guys who actively work out. Now, I’m not talking about the ‘meatheads,” or ones who live in the gym. No. I’m talking about the guys who go and put in work at least 2-3x  week because that will motivate me to get my stuff together too. If all you do is eat and go to sleep then how motivated do you think I’ll be dating you?

Differences to matter when it comes to dating so do not be afraid to ask questions! The less you ask, the more trouble you could eventually get yourself into later on down the road. I believe the more compatible you are with someone, the easier life may be when it comes to compromising on other situations that could be considered more important such as religion or wanting children. You just might be able to turn someone’s life around and the only thing they needed was that push from you. Dating someone with different food lifestyles might be the least of your concerns, but aren’t you suppose to want the best for your partner? Is this someone to worry yourself about too soon or is there really a time frame for that? What if their habits are unhealthy and could lead to diabetes or high blood pressure? These are just some questions you might want to prepare yourself for if their choice or habits become a concern.

Here are a few tips to get you through trying situations while you get to know your partner:

  1. Plan your dates carefully. Not interested in dining all the time? Find something different on  Groupon that involves outdoor adventures or nice comedy show indoors and away from the food atmosphere.
  2. Understand your partner’s past as well as any current concerns.
    man and woman jogging near body of water
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    Do they have any health challenges that could drastically affect the way they choose to eat? This could be the reason behind their plant-based or dairy-free selections. Learn what they can and cannot consume as this part could be easier than you think.
  3. Do more, say less. Why not introduce them to a dish or two that you enjoy and take interest in their favorite dish? Sometimes this is the best way to clear any doubt or curiosity and gives them a sneak peek into your world.
  4. Ego-Stroke Em’ We all love to be praised when we do something good but how about when our partner introduces us to something they’ve prepared and it’s good? You have to sometimes be their best cheerleader. “Even though this is my first time trying this, I must say the way you prepared it, I am totally blown away!” Not too strong and more genuine.

Try the mentioned tips and let me know how things turn out for you. Have you dated or even married someone who was night to your day? Leave a comment and let me know how you two meshed!


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