Weekend Festivities in the ‘A’!

Dear Luv,


This weekend went by very quickly yet I felt I had been productive the entire time. I decided to re-start my podcast…yanno, spice it up a little with some different types of flavors. The first one was a good one- don’t get me wrong but I feel like this my new one, it’s speaking from the soul. I love the people that I surround myself with. They are all business women who enjoy the finest things of life while seeking ways to actually give back to others and it’s a beautiful feeling. SaturdayI attended the Vintage Moonlight Masquerade (tons of fun) at the Mercedes Benz Headquarters. It was my first time going to a masquerade and after that, I now have the bug that wants to get dressed in formal attire and go to a pleather of other balls and similar gatherings. The women were gorgeous in their long, mermaid gowns while the men wore tuxedos with creative masks! Speaking of masks, I think which ever masquerade I go to next, I’m going to make my own mask because the one I purchased from Party City for $16.99 was uncomfortable as ever. It came through for the occasion but baby, I couldn’t wait to take that thing off. 


The food was very scrumptious with a lot of it being my first time tasting (I need to do better y’all!) so if you know of any nice restaurants in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please comment below and let me know so that I can expand my palette. 

Sunday was the Girls Who Brunch Tour IG Takeover show which I go live every Sunday starting at 7:30pm EST to interview some of the greatest women and men who have contributed towards the success of the organization through either their time, monetary donations or dedication! You should really check it out as the tour can be located nationwide in a major city near you: www.GirlsWhoBrunchTour.com

I really enjoy speaking with these magnificent business owners who come through on the show because not only do I find out why they wanted to participate in the Girls Who Brunch Tour events but what type of impact they believe they made on the young women of the organization. You’ll be surprised what you hear so if you are interested, make sure you follow @GirlsWhoBrunchTour and tune in every Sunday!

Sunday evening after I was all done with my interviews, I shot over to watch the Respected Roots “Royal Barber Battle” at the Georgia Freight Depot. I arrived a little after 9pm and met up with my big sisters Ni’Cola and Mimosa. We walked by a few of the vendors tables include the Respected Roots who kicked off this entire event.

Their representatives were so friendly and informative including Akbar who gave my hand a massage as he rubbed the butter in. Can I tell you that my skin felt smoother than a baby’s bottom?! I will be making my purchase soon for this product as its premium ingredients include those such as Shea Butter, Tea Tree Oil, and Apricot Oil. The smell of it? A-MAZING! Head over to www.RespectedRoots.com and make your purchase so you can see for yourself!

All-in-All, I’m doing pretty good for the beginning of a new week. Make sure you check out the brand new podcast, www.Anchor.fm/DearLuv and subscribe as you can find it all across your media platforms such as Spotify, Google, Apple Music, etc. Trust me you won’t want to miss a single episode.

Oh one more thing! Shout outs to my homegirl Regina with her newly launched website and youtube channel,  https://thepescetariangirl.com/ check it out and let her get you back on the right track!

💋 Sabrina


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