I Love My Brothers

But I tell you what? Right now I’m sitting inside of Starbucks typing this post and directly across, maybe two tables …are two sexy black men sitting there conversing some type of business.

Now little ol’e me is just sitting here sipping on my Peppermint Hot Chocolate, courtesy of Starbucks

and all I can think to myself is…”hold it together Bree…don’t let them see you cry!” The lisp is real and unfortunately there are a high rate of homosexual and bisexual men residing in the Atlanta area. Now I will admit, that’s not my main concern when dating down here so don’t take what I’m saying the wrong way. But baby it’s not raining straight men either.

I just wanted to get this all out of my system seeing how my life now includes sitting in Starbucks on a Friday evening.

💋 Sabrina

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