Atlanta Women’s Expo 2019

When you think of Atlanta, what comes to mind? Money. A lot of people are under the perception that Atlanta is full of money left and right; you know what? They’re right.

After attending the “Atlanta Women’s Expo,” on November 9, 2019 I too was convinced. This was the perfect opportunity for any woman with anything from a small business to a large corporation, to showcase their products and gain more customers easily. There were so many different products from hair, hair care, skincare, authors selling books, various clothing lines…you name it, it was there! I decided to bring my son with me because I wanted him to understand exactly what it was that his mother was doing but from a broader perspective. I needed him to see that when I leave the house, I’m all about securing a solid and comfortable lifestyle for him. I even gave him a prep talk on our way that one we walked in, it would all make sense. Deep down inside, I always felt as though he too had the entrepreneur spirit in him so having him tag along, would reassure it. I ended up purchasing a few items while we were there for approximately two hours and I must admit, everyone in there came with their A-game. Here are a few photos that I captured during my visit. Next year, I will have my own booth set up so you all make sure you share this post with your friends and follow me for more updates.


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