Naked Truth

Photo by Nappy

There’s something about when a man is vulnerable, it scares him a little and makes him run.

This atleast is how I feel because maybe it’s something different for them. Maybe feeling a little ‘unclothed’ doesn’t sit well due to the unfamiliarity. The guys that I have encountered lately have always responded the same when it comes to how transparent I’ve been with them; it motivates them to be the same.

I think maybe it is out of their norm so they really don’t know how to allow it to register…instead they fall back, placing their “dominant” skin back on while at the same time, licking themselves from a feeling they secretly enjoyed. And I know this because they always tell me..they confined in me, exposing their innermost secrets and feelings without feeling judged. And I actually love it. But they never stick around long enough for whatever reason (I stop trying to figure it out).

Okay that’s enough for today…I’ve got to get some sleep but make sure you like, comment and share my post! Subscribe and receive notifications alerting you that I’ve confessed some more juicy stuff with you!

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