What If…

So..it’s raining and the cold air has no patience nor respect for me. I just got back into the house and I know it’s been a minute since I wrote in you.

Dear Luv,

I’m very proud of myself. As time goes by, I can honestly say that I’ve witnessed my growth from the past up until this very moment. I know a lot of the times I’m constantly telling and encouraging people to be more transparent with their communication and feelings. It feels good to know that I’ve lived within my truth as well. I will admit that there are times when I allow my ego to step in and grab me by the collar, shake me around a tad before releasing me back into the ground.

I am no longer afraid to love. I am not afraid to get hurt because guess what? It’s life and life without pain could possibly be a fairy tale

art beautiful bloom blooming Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com[/caption]

. I’ve opened my heart and my soul up to receive what is meant for ME. I am not open to the doubts and what ifs because I’ve lived through those for many years. No more. I’m ready to openly give my heart to a man and ride the coaster holding onto his arm as we’re interlocked.

What if things actually work? What if he really makes me happy? What if we get into this relationship and it ends up being the best decision either of us have made? What if he loves me unconditionally and treats me like the Queen that I am? What if I end up being that peace he needs in his world? What if he becomes the man he always desired to be and I am there rooting for him every step of the way? What if the world full of children learn his name because of how magnificent he is?

So yes, I’m open and ready to love and receive everything life has to offer.


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