New Kid on the Block

Interesting title huh? Why thank you! So, I guess I’ll start this blog off by telling you one little known fact about me. Before I do, anytime I met someone new, I found it imperative that I disclose how much I dig transparency. I absolutely love it. Now getting to this point in life took a lot of time, patience and most of all, understanding. I use to be a firecracker, you hear me? I’m talking about – you tell me something I don’t want to hear and I’ll shut you down and out quickly!!

But yet, I always wanted to know what someone was thinking…go figure.

Anyways, now that I’m much older, I’ve come to learn that being transparent with someone isn’t just rewarding for them but for you as well. Have you ever wanted to share what was on your mind but you felt there was that stupid fear holding you back? So all you could do is just sit on it as it would either die or fester up into something like Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan…

Yes. So a little known fact about me is – growing up, I suffered a lot from holding how I felt, what I thought, and even what I experienced, inside. For some reason, I felt like the things that I went through was no one’s problems but my own so I had to deal with them accordingly. But when you’re under ten years old, how could you remotely even think of solutions? I didn’t and therefore I wouldn’t. Speaking my mind was the most challenging thing that I ever encountered and it wasn’t until my 20s when my ex-husband encouraged me to speak up instead of let things bottle up. Boy when he took the cap off of me, I felt so relieved.

Now, I speak how I feel but at the same time, I am mindful of my delivery because I never want to come off offensive in any way. But I no longer allow people to walk over me and make me do things that I do not want to do. And because of that change, I sought ways of encouraging others just like me to do the same. Standing up for yourself is the most important thing that you could ever do yet the hardest. Like many others, I never wanted to hurt someone’s feelings but neglected to realize that they were actually hurting mine.

So live your life folks and do not be afraid to tell someone just how it is. They will either appreciate you more or they might turn their backs on you. Either way, you’ve gotten it out of your system and the celebration has only begun!


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