Not Enough #Hashtags

I’m sitting in my bedroom thinking of the many different ways available to help my business strive. My mind has been drawing blanks every since this whole #quarantine thing has taken place and now, during a time where I should be the most inspired, I’m drawing #blanks. What is one suppose to talk about in order to drive #traffic? I mean, yes of course I can talk about #covid19, also known as the #coronavirus, but that’s not my agenda.

During this time, I want to talk about what I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I could careless about all of the #trendingtopics and the nonsense that people are pushing just to be #seen. No, I want to continue pushing things of #substance but sadly enough, some people could #careless. I get it. Yes, you want us bloggers to go on and on about how being #quarantined has us locked down with the #shelterinplace and the challenges we face when going to the #grocerystores to scrape together as much #toiletpaper and #handsanitizer to last a #lifetime.


I have so much more to talk about. I want to talk about how being a black woman in Atlanta really isn’t as hard as people originally claimed it to be. I am People. I love the fact that down here, there are so many different resources that cater to your every business need (and those who don’t have businesses, there is stuff for you too). I want to talk about the myth of Atlanta being flooded with homosexual men parading around the streets as if they were auditioning for Rupaul’s reality show – minus the Rupaul. I want to talk about how great it feels to be a mother to a now teenage son and the days of babyfever I face as he ages more and more. There are so many things out there for us to talk about. I want to share my online dating experiences with you and laugh until my stomach hurts (ok,…this might not be possible but use your imagination).

So if you decide to follow this blog, then know that for a split second while you are reading, you will not feel as though you’re residing in a world of chaos but rather…our own reality, just to get us through. I am not forcing anyone nor am I going to beg for your likes and subscriptions – at the end of the day, I will still be here talking about the world I choose rather than the one that is only #trending for the moment.


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