Mother Nature’s playground

As promised in today’s previous post “Exercising under COVIE-19 Restrictions”, I took a little stroll around town (even with seasonal allergies) and it felt so good to be out. Granted, it felt like I was also in a unseen clip of AMC’s The Walking Dead, with less than the average amount of people being out. But, during this time, I was able to really get a lot of great photos in and ..well, here we go!

Gotta make sure every step counts right? This was prior to my stroll
Any other day, this tennis park would be full of people from the wee hours of the morning, well into the evening
People have found other ways of exercising, such as using the empty bleachers to do push ups and back squats (or whatever you call it)
this pretty little flower …alone but still surrounded by positive vibes!
During this time, you would see a clearer pool in preparation of the upcoming swim season..but now, it has become the pond for local geese.
The wind was blowing softly as the leaves and bushes wrestled..the greenery was amazing
Children use to find laughter and giggles from the pits of their bellies. It’s now roped off to the public
For a split second every time I went around the park, I felt like I was in Florida with the palm trees..
Andddd TIME! Back home from my adventure

Overall my stroll was very exciting. I got some fresh air with my seasonal allergies and all. What about you? How did you spend your Sunday afternoon? Did you get outside any?


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