Does age matter when dating?

You know how they say, “You’re only as old as you feel,” I hold that to be very true. I don’t know if the baby cubs can smell the fresh milk or what, but I’ve recently been getting more younger cubs approaching me than actual Tigers, and Lions and Bears! I don’t know if maybe when they see me, they think we’re around the same age? Before I give my youthfulness away, when I say younger cubs, I’m talking 24…25…26. Do I blame them? Heck No! What woman 30+ is going to curve a young fella from at least trying to say hello?

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I always feel when the shoe was on the other foot, I was always interested in men older than I. The ones around my age were still immature and lazy if I must admit. I wanted someone nice and seasoned who would be able to take care and protect me….WAIT A MINUTE…that’s what our fathers are suppose to do! No wonder – I grew up with a father in the household but when he passed during my pre-teen years, I was left with just my mom. This is partially what drove me to locate my biological father – I missed having that man in the house who wouldn’t let anything happen to me. I missed the genuine “I love you” coming from someone I knew I trusted. Well I guess this was my connection to older men.

Now with younger men, I can’t speak from their perspective – I can only assume that it relates to either their relationship with their mother or a lack thereof. Because of my lack of familiarity in this field, I decided to do a bit of research in order to provide you all with a better understanding. According to the article “3 Reasons Why Some Young Men are Attracted to Mature Women,”

1. Mature Women Allow a Deeper Level of Intimacy

While it’s common for young men to be dating women younger to them, or in the same age group, there are many who complain of the hollowness and pretenses in the level of intimacy.

A mature woman on the other hand comes across as more patient, gentle, understanding and caring. There is a dimension to her which is missing in a younger woman. The younger men are attracted to this dimension of depth in women. [read more]

2. Older Women Are Lot Less Judgmental

Young men have several insecurities inside them as they are trying to find their place in the world. Some young women can be very judgmental about how a man should behave.

Mature women on the other hand have gone through this phase and have learnt from it. They are lot less judging or critical about young man. It’s deeply comforting for a young man to be in the company of a mature woman who is not judging him by any standards.

3. Older Women and Emotional Maturity

Older women have more patience and they are more understanding because of their emotional maturity. They are less prone to pick up squabbles over small issues.

It’s easy for men to converse with a mature woman since she is more to the point instead of talking in circles. Emotional bonding allows for a more stable relationship.

This explains a lot when it comes to younger men seeking older women but at the same time, regardless of the age, if you don’t have your stuff together then it may be a miss. There are some women and men out there who are willing to rough it out with you and I’ve known myself to be like that at times. Let’s not get it twisted – not all young men need fixing. Some grown men with kids and all, can be known to have some of the most baggage ever. At the end of the day, if you know what you want and have no worries in furnishing the same requests, then does age really matter?

Okay…I want to hear from you. Let me know if age really matters when it comes to dating. If someone who has all the qualities you want in a partner happens to be 8-12 years younger than you, are you still willing to give them a shot?


PS: I’ll be 37 years young today

2 thoughts on “Does age matter when dating?

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. When I was younger I wanted an older guy to take care of me, as I’m older now, when the time comes, (Im not ready yet) I want someone whose on my level, whose got their shit together and since Im not there Im quite content to stay single, but it definitely changes as we age.


    1. Thank you for replying! Yes when we’re younger, it’s almost like we take on that daddy/mommy situation even when they’re present, we look for their qualities within our potential mate at an early age.

      Now that we’re grown, we want to be equally yolked with someone and not have to actually depend on them nor have them depend on us. We just want someone with their shit together just like you said 😫 lol

      Take your time as you’ve been doing and when the timing is right, you’ll know it. 😊


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