Not Broken, Just Broke-n

Life teaches you many different lessons based on your level of maturity as well as your learning style. Some might be taught through touch, while others are more prone to learning through verbal communication. Once you realize which works best for you, will you then begin to understand the content within the lessons and how it applied to you. For example, if your sensory style is via touch in order to grasp certain concepts, then you might not focus on any pain that may have been inflicted upon you outside of those physical.

Time and time again, we might find ourselves battling the same challenges repeatedly until we decide to blame others instead of really taking the time to understand why we’re faced with the same problems to begin with. The lesson was yet to be learned. I use to wonder time and time again why the guys that I would interact with never could last. It felt like none were on my level mentally or even intellectually and if they were, they lacked in other areas such as with quality time. I found myself “dumbing down,” to say the least at times and had to discover that those I chose to entertain were simply there because of me. My choices. My decisions. If I choose to eat from a toilet then the taste of shit will be left once I am finished. I am not broken, just broke’n. With the realization that these people can only be a part of my life if I open up the doors and welcome them in, I had to step it up and make better selections.

There’s nothing wrong with making bad decisions to only realize it later on down the road – that’s what life is all about. It’s a matter of what could be done after figuring it all out, that counts. Granted, there are some ties and mental, emotional and spiritual connections that could keep someone in a situation longer than desired. The question is – at what point do you begin to value yourself more than those you value?


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