#Dating in #Atlanta: “Hey Big Head”

Me trying to #date in #Atlanta

I use to be so skeptical when it came to talking about my dating life because sometimes I just never know what the hell is going on but I’ve learned that being transparent, you have to just let go.

One thing that I dislike when it comes to dating is the fact the you could be so into the process of getting to know one another with the vibes flowing and the long phone conversations and then it happens. The big “uh oh” and I’m not referring to the random dikk pics being sent (YES! Guys still do this! Stay tuned for a post about that).

The communication just..stops. Now I try not to assume because assumptions make an ass out of you and me but there’s usually no warning or a soft bearing drum, setting off your inner sirens to say “Hey…yea you! Uh…this is about to come to a screeching halt sweet buns so hold on tight!” (Which would be pretty cool if there had been some type of option like that right?) I use to try and understand why it happens but I’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t bother me as much. Now, I won’t lie-it has created a wall preventing me from really putting a lot into a conversation or even actively dating at that.

We could go from talking about a lot of good topics over the phone, presenting the vibe as if we’ve “known each other for years” and then like two days later…POOF…they vanish. It’s as if any of the conversations that took place, really didn’t mean a thing and this whole development is mere entertainment. I don’t take dating or even getting to know someone seriously anymore as I feel it to be draining and i don’t think it’s suppose to be.

On the flip side, why is it when you’re just minding your business as you enjoy your zen, bones from the past want to resurface? Have you ever noticed the moments of your happy life can channel some type of invitation to all (because they sometimes come in hoards like walkers from The Walking Dead )

types of old prospects who hit you with the “hey bighead,” or “hey stranger,” which to me is the most mutual gender crock of BS known to mankind. Can they just sniff out happy joy like fresh blood to a hound or something?! The minute you start dating someone exclusive, here they come with their raggedy tails, trotting inside of your inbox or text messages, talking about they miss you and they were wondering if they could spend some time with you.

I’m all set bro.

For this reason, I just block them. I’ve had someone tell me that I shouldn’t do that and they may need my help one day or vice versa. Guess what? I’m sure no one has me as their emergency contact and damn sure not someone that couldn’t keep up any consistency during the early stages of meeting. Out of sight, out of mind.

I won’t go on and on about these ghosts; I felt the need to get it out of my system and go in with my life. Feel free to like, comment and subscribe to stay updated with any of my future rants, raves and unscripted forms of transparency!

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