ASSUMPTION makes an Ass

How many times do we beat ourselves up for not approaching someone of interest? Have you ever wrote someone off because you thought you were out of their league? I know fellas seem to think that all ladies want a body trainer, 6’5ft, making six figures, about four exotic cars that i can’t even spell right and a penis down to his ankle.

GUESS WHAT?! We’re not as superficial as you paint us out to be. To show you what we really look at, I texted a few of my friends (males and females) and asked them..”What are three things you look for in a companion or person of dating interest?”

Here are their responses UNSCRIPTED:

Now other than the replies that specify genders, can you really tell the difference between what men and women are seeking? I know I can’t. The point of this post is to help everyone realize that what we THINK the other gender is seeking in a mate, might not be what we ASSUMED. One of my friends asked “So what is stopping us from locating each other??”

My response was “The false impression that we are too far out of reach from one another.” When you think you’re not someone’s type because “you’re too short” or “you don’t have the body,” you limit yourself from actually knowing and it’s due to everyone’s fear of being rejected. GUESS WHAT?! We all get rejected at some point but we’re still alive. And just because you end up not being one person’s type DOES NOT MEAN that every MAN or WOMAN will not like you.

Take these gems and sew them close. Your Mr. Right or Ms. Right just might be closer than you think.

What are some of the other traits and qualities you think men and women look for in a mate that were not listed? I would love to know so sound off below!


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