It’s not a setback; It’s a LESSON.

At one point, I could recall literally sitting on the floor in my bedroom listening to Spotify hoping at some point that I would be able to escape the dreadful misery of writer’s block. The more I tried, the more nothing came to mind and I felt as if the ability to express my inner thoughts had escaped for good. Nothing at that time made sense to me and for once, I was left with nothing to say.

Life. Life is funny y’all. Sometimes, when you think you have it figured out, something happens that throws you all off track and the next thing you know, you’re sitting there wondering wtf happened?! “Where did I go wrong?” is typically a question we tend to present to ourselves, without actually giving more thought to what it is that occurred. It is as if we always need to know why things happen the way that they do and when we don’t know, we panic and begin to wonder what it is that we’ve done wrong.

Have you ever thought that just maybe, the rut you’ve fallen into, is a lesson? Maybe, just maybe this was a moment for you to indulge in a little more research of your own to expand your mind? Get outside of your norm and introduce yourself to the whole world that lies just beyond those four walls you hide behind?

CALLING ALL INTROVERTS! I understand there will be some people out there that want to question why one should undergo something either traumatic or just negative just to get the point? I agree with you. Why can’t life just have this smooth sailing, happy-go-lucky ride straight through with no struggle or stress right? Have you ever had a wallet full of money and you just felt like you were on cloud nine and nothing could go wrong and then you lose some or all of it? Now consider those times when you’re damn near broke with only a penny in your name and you ‘luckily’ come across a few dollars-you lost your mind and swore you were rich! #Appreciation is key.

We are faced with challenges every day and when we overcome them, not only are we appreciative that it happened, we’re able to testify regardless of whatever religious beliefs you follow. You want the world to know that you were close to being in the pits but you managed to get through and was how! Gloat! That’s right tell it on top of the mountain because guess what? Someone out there needed to hear it. When you face hard times and get through, you become n inspiration to those around you, whether you know it or not.

When you lose something, you tend to value it a bit more once you regain your grounding and this is why we face the things we do. Have you ever thought that maybe, if something or someone is taken away from you, you’ll learn to appreciate it or them even more at a later point in life? Granted, not every person will look at mishaps this way because some simply do not learn from their hard times. Those who have grown far into life looking for bailout are not equipped with the mechanism that probes them to figure it out. Instead, they seek instant bail outs. We all know someone or a few of them. They’re not capable in their minds of going out to get a job in order to bring steady income into their household. They just “need something to get them back on their feet” and so when you give them bail out money, you’re contributing towards their setback.

These people you tend to see them in the same predicaments time and time again like a revolving door. We feel bad for them because they have small children in their household and we don’t want to see them suffer, so we give. But we don’t pay attention to the bigger problem and that’s the fact that this same parent or caregiver has not allowed these babies to be the reason why they would get themselves together. We allow ourselves to feel sore for the kids where the adults are feeding off of our emotions and sympathy to their advantage.

I’ve grown to consider everything and everyone some form of a learning lesson for me whether it is for personal growth, relationships or even career-wise. If I want to grow and become a successful writer or entrepreneur, then guess what? I’m going to surround myself around successful writers and entrepreneurs! What’s the sense of trying to advance to the next level when those around you aren’t motivating you or moving in the same direction as you? There’s nothing wrong with staying in touch with those you call friends but those who aren’t likeminded may not be able to contribute towards your ultimate goal because it is not one of their own.

So when I move along a different path from those that I socialize with, my perspective has to remain clear and focused. I understand everything has a reason as to why a particular person or thing has crossed paths with me and regardless of the outcome, I should be able to take something positive from the whole situation. Surround yourself with positive people too. We need more “glass half full” and “today is going to be a great day” types of individuals in our circle instead of the naysayers. You have to be mindful of the company you keep because energy travels. If their spirits are not right and they come around you, you might find yourself being subconsciously attacked. Positive Vibes Only!

The next time you go through something life-changing or even if it just throws you off guard, take a minute and think of how this situation may affect you in the future and what you can actually learn from it.


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